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Hello, we're glad you are here!

What we sell are PDF files that can be printed or distributed according to our permissions.  Each PDF file contains the entire score, any vocal parts and any individual parts.  If you would like to have specific parts in separate files, purchase the title(s) you want and send us a message with your request using the Contact Us area below.  We are so very happy to help you obtain what you need in the format that works best for you and your ensemble.


Choral music is one-time priced for each title - no additional cost for a copy for each of your choristers since you either print it or share the PDF file with them.  What costs you $5.00 here would cost you $20 or more if purchasing per chorister on other sites.

Our organ and other instrumental music is priced as a single item even if additional instrument parts are included.

Streaming permission is included for religious and educational institutions at no additional cost provided the stream and any recording of it is made available to the public at no cost.

Our Composer-in-Residence has been quite busy over the past few months with new works so scroll through all our works above or click on SHOP MUSIC and take a look around the different sections. 

When you purchase an item, you will receive a link to download a PDF file that contains the full score and any additional or optional parts.  

Choral works may be printed for your choral group or a copy of the PDF can be shared to their tablet device. 

The only caveat (see our Copyright Permissions page) is that you may not perform any work purchased here for pay or for hire in any setting excluding organists and other instrumentalists paid to perform the work within a worship service. 


Churches wishing to stream our music may do so provided they do not charge to view the video or its archived recording - the archive must remain freely accessible to the public.

To get started viewing our available works, please click on SHOP MUSIC in the menu below or at the top of the page.  Peace and blessings to you always.

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UPDATED Copyright Permissions

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Purchasers of our music are now granted streaming permissions when the music is used as a part of a worship service, the video is available free of charge and the recording was not made for hire.* Please see our Permissions and Copyright page under SHOP MUSIC.

Contact Info:

Savage Way Farm

(859) 885-5591

Nicholasville, KY, USA

* For hire means that you or your organization is paid specifically for performing the musical work under copyright.

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