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About the Farm

Savage Way Farm's website was set up primarily to provide a store front for the Composer-in-Residence.  The composer has a strong background in liturgical music and writes music for organ, choir and instruments geared to religious service use.  All of the compositions or arrangements are newly composed and reflect a variety of styles inclusive of Anglican across multiple musical eras, American, European, Renaissance, Baroque, Classic, Romantic and Modern.  

One of the composer's challenges while still working as an organist and choirmaster was finding music for worship, instrumental or vocal, that reflected the buoyant energy of a faithful servant of God.  There are thousands of beautiful choral pieces from most musical eras yet a classic approach to music of the Modern era seem to be few and far between.  That gap is what this composer seeks to close.  If you are a musician who performs in sacred spaces, you may well find one or more works of interest under "Shop Music" in the menu bar.

The farm, itself, is a 5th generation small farm in Jessamine County, Kentucky.  Upkeep had been poor until the current owner inherited the property.  It is now undergoing renovations and improvements in order to continue a five-generation goat husbandry operation.  Other livestock is or will be added as appropriate including poultry and other species as time and resources allow.  

Understanding Goats

Goats are fascinating, entertaining and lovable animals that are used for many purposes such as pet, a show animal, a brush and bramble clearing animal, a pack animal, a milk producing animal and a source of delicious, healthy meat low in fat and cholesterol.  Regardless of why you might want or have a goat, it is essential to understand that goats are herd animals and need at least one other companion goat.  Without one or more companions, goats become destructive, depressed and often become sick and die.  So much like people, goats need other goats to thrive.

Goat behavior encompasses a wide gamut of possibilities. They are trainable to being called by named, to being on a lead rope, to be pack animals and to be harnessed for pulling carts and the like.  Goats DO NOT eat just anything.  They will not eat tin cans or plastic bottles or animal products other than milk until weaned.  They will eat anything of plant or tree origin, however.  Goats are naturally curious.  Having no ability to handle items that pique their curiosity, goats nibble on everything to help them understand what it is and whether or not it might be good eat.  

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