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Copyright, Usage and Other Information

All permissions and purchase information is stated in plain English and not some legal wording.  When you purchase (or receive as a gift from Savage Way Farm) a Savage Way Farm, Composer-in-Residence, musical work in any electronic format, you have permission to:

  • use the digital copy for your own pleasure;

  • perform the musical work in your place of worship;

    • including providing copies to instrumentalists and vocalists as required to perform the work;

      • these additional individuals are not granted rights to perform the work beyond your particular use setting;

  • save the digital copy of the work on your own devices or on devices to which you have legal access;

    • you also agree to delete the work prior to losing legal or legitimate access to any device;

  • print the music to paper including separate instrumental or vocal parts in order to perform the music or to archive it within a religious organization or educational institution; and

  • you may stream online or broadcast, live or recorded, this music only as part of a worship service.


You do not have permission to:

  • stream any performance online, live or recorded, without written consent from Savage Way Farm other than what is described above;

  • perform or stream the work for hire, including any in-kind remuneration, without paying a royalty fee through ASCAP;

  • record the work for hire, including any in-kind remuneration, without paying a royalty fee through ASCAP; or

  • to share either electronic or printed copies of the work beyond what is required to perform the work.


Savage Way Farm will:

  • expect you to abide by these permissions;

  • exercise its legal rights regarding these permissions;

  • allow individuals violating copyright to correct their infringement within 12 hours of being identified before seeking legal reparations, including infringements occurring as public performances or online streaming of live or recorded performance of the work; and

  • occasionally release all copyright restrictions to specific individuals, groups or institutions without doing the same for any other specific individuals, groups or institutions whether requesting the same or not.


Savage Way Farm will sometimes provide its electronic files at no cost and / or with no copyright restrictions to selected individuals or entities.  This in no way creates an entitlement for any other individual or entity to receive the same benefit.  Charity to others, by definition, is at the discretion of the giver and not at the discretion of potential recipients. If you disagree with this, please do not patronize our business. 


IMPORTANT:  All sales are final.  Savage Way Farm makes absolutely no warranty or guarantee that a purchased work will be suitable for the intended purpose.  You agree to waive your ability to claim any liability on the part of Savage Way Farm in excess of a full refund of the purchase price of a musical work at our discretion.  If you encounter an issue with a file, please contact us immediately so that we can do our best to resolve the issue.  Savage Way Farm is not liable, in any manner, for the capability of the user's software or hardware to read, print or share the purchased electronic file(s).  Savage Way Farm provides files in various electronic formats (e.g., PDF, XML [musicXML], mp3, m4a, etc.). We make every reasonable effort to ensure that electronic files are free from viruses, malware and inherent errors in coding.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your hardware and software is generally compatible with the file types used by Savage Way Farm.  It is also your responsibility to ensure that your hardware and software is free from viruses and malware before attempting to use our files.


That's it!  No legalese and no foolishness. We hope you enjoy our musical works!  Have questions, 

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