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Jesus Christ is risen today

Jesus Christ is risen today

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Many Episcopal parishes do not have the luxury of brass players for Easter Sunday but must rely solely on the organ.  This arrangement is just the ticket.  Other churches can use this too but may want to validate or adjust the text to match their own.


Using the solo reed stop of the organ against rich registration brings all the majesty of ensemble players to a single player - you, the organist.  To make it all the more exciting, a lovely and easily learned descant for three of the four verses grace this arrangement.


Please take a moment to listen to the work.  We hope you will obtain a copy for your use on Easter Sunday.  Our copyright permissions include streaming as part of a worship service without further ado. 

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    Purchase one file and the intended use Copyright Permissions allows you to share the file or a printed copy with those performing the work with you.  You may not resell this file nor give it to another in such a manner that it would deprive the copyright holder of a legitimate sale.  


    This music  may be streamed online (live or recorded) provided it is made available to the public at no charge.  Performing the work for hire outside of a religious service or educational institution program violates the composer's copyrights and will be prosecuted.

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