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Voluntary in C minor - "Confession"

Voluntary in C minor - "Confession"

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Music has often been used like paint on a canvas to tell a story.  This organ voluntary, subtitled “Confession,” paints a portrait of sound describing the act of confession with a priest, pastor or other person.  It begins and ends with a plea for forgiveness centered around a candid admission of various trespasses.


Or, it might sound like other things to you, so use your own imagination while you enjoy learning and playing this somewhat emotive organ piece.  It requires a low degree of technical expertise but a much higher degree of musicianship when playing it.

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    This music  may be streamed online (live or recorded) provided it is made available to the public at no charge.  Performing the work for hire outside of a religious service or educational institution program violates the composer's copyrights and will be prosecuted.

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